Submitting Data

As part of its Fisheries Data Archive Centre for Scotland remit, Marine Scotland (MS) can also take in and store data for other parties that want their fisheries data to become available as part of the MEDIN network.

How to submit data

Before sending us any data, please contact MS first!

As a fisheries data archive center (FishDAC),  MS strongly recommend the use of recognised standards in reporting and, depending on the type of data being submitted, MS are able to advise on the most suitable formats to use.

Please note that if you are not able to change the formats or source of data to comply with recommended standards, you may still be able to submit data, but the speed at which the data can be made available may be greatly reduced. The extent of the data collection may also have to be considered, and in cases where very large collections of data are being submitted, it may be necessary to negotiate an administration fee for having the data curated and stored.

A note on accessibility

Please note that Marine Scotland is a public authority. As such, MS are obliged to provide data on request from any member of the public (within legal limits). This includes any data taken in as part of our FishDAC operations. In most cases, MS will assume parties are interested in submitting data to the FishDAC to have it published, but please be aware that direct access cannot be provided to the raw data sources within our database systems after submission – even to the originators, and that we will have to supply the data on request from anyone, without the option of delaying publication.

In short

  • The first step should always be to contact Marine Scotland about the type of data, its extent, and its current condition.
  • Data can be taken in and published as part of the FishDAC operations for fisheries data. Please note there are alternative MEDIN Data Archive Centres for other types of data.
  • All data submitted to Marine Scotland will be made publically available, but depending on the size and scope of the data set, there may be either a delay in publication or a charge for the work required.
  • If data are not to be made directly available to the public, Marine Scotland cannot take in or hold the data, but please contact us anyway – other Data Archive Centres within the MEDIN network may be able to help.