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SNH Commissioned Report 759: Surveys of harbour (common) and grey seals on the east, north and north-west coast of Scotland and in Orkney, including the Moray Firth and the Firth of Tay, in August 2013 03/08/2018
SNH Commissioned Report 939 - Marine Biodiversity and Climate Change (MarClim) Scotland 2014-15 01/08/2018
SNH Commissioned Report 869: Surveys of harbour and grey seals on the west coast of Scotland (Ullapool to Scarba), in the Moray Firth and in the Firth of Tay, in August 2014 18/07/2018
SNH Commissioned Report 929: Surveys of harbour and grey seals on the south-east (border to Aberlady Bay) and south-west (Sound of Jura to Solway Firth) coasts of Scotland, in Shetland, in the Moray Firth and in the Firth of Tay in August 2015 18/07/2018
SNH Commissioned Report 783: Understanding the potential effects of wave energy devices on kelp biotopes 11/07/2018
The economic impact of the UK Maritime Services Sector - A Report for Maritime UK (including regional breakdown) February 2013 03/05/2018
SNH Commissioned Report 908: Basking shark satellite tagging project: insights into basking shark (Cetorhinus maximus) movement, distribution and behaviour using satellite telemetry - Final report 12/01/2018
SNH Commissioned Report 594: Statistical approaches to aid the identification of Marine Protected Areas for minke whale, Risso's dolphin, white-beaked dolphin and basking shark 12/01/2018
SNH Commissioned Report 791: Understanding the potential for marine megafauna entanglement risk from renewable marine energy developments 03/01/2018
SNH Commissioned Report 766: Manual of terrestrial EUNIS habitats in Scotland 03/01/2018
SNH Commissioned Report 783: Understanding the potential effects of wave energy devices on kelp biotopes 03/01/2018
SNH Commissioned Report 947: Analysis of the possible displacement of bird and marine mammal species related to the installation and operation of marine energy conversion systems 03/01/2018
SNH Commissioned Report 957: Assessment of Blue Carbon Resources in Scotland's Inshore Marine Protected Area Network 03/01/2018
SNH Commissioned Report 761: Assessment of carbon budgets and potential blue carbon stores in Scotland's coastal and marine environment - August 2014 03/01/2018
SNH Commissioned Report 406: Descriptions of Scottish Priority Marine Features (PMFs) 26/12/2017
OSPAR Quality Status Report (QSR) 2010 21/09/2017
OSPAR Assessment Portal - Intermediate Assessment 2017 21/09/2017
JNCC Report 515 - Physical Damage (Reversible Change) – Penetration and/or disturbance of the substrate below the surface of the seabed, including abrasion 19/07/2017
Mapping UK shipping density and routes from AIS (MMO 1066) - June 2014 28/07/2016
ScotMap - Inshore Fisheries Mapping Project in Scotland 07/06/2016
MCA - Assessing risk and responding to UK coastal and marine pollution 06/06/2016
ICES Report on Ocean Climate 2014 01/04/2016
ICES Zooplankton Status Report 2010/2011 30/03/2016
ICES Phytoplankton and Microbial Plankton Status Report 2009/2010 30/03/2016
Fisheries Sensitivity Maps in British Waters - Coull et al., 1998 09/02/2016


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