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Titlesort descending Updated date
A Review of the Dogger Bank Teesside A & B Offshore Wind Farm's Environmental Statement 15/11/2018
An Analysis of the Value of Wild Fisheries in Scotland Estimating the Contributions of wild Freshwater Fisheries to Scotland's Economy - March 2017 15/11/2018
Analysis of Bird and Marine Mammal Data for Billia Croo Wave Test Site, Orkney 15/11/2018
Analysis of bird and marine mammal data for Fall of Warness Tidal Test Site, Orkney 15/11/2018
Aquaculture Infrastructure Map 13/07/2018
Basic Fishing Methods – A comprehensive guide to commercial fishing methods (SeaFish 2015) 20/07/2017
Charting Progress 28/04/2016
Charting Progress 2 28/04/2016
Commissioned Report No. 773. A Diving Bird Collision Risk Assessment Framework For Tidal Turbines 15/12/2017
Creel Fishing Effort Study 15/11/2018
Draft Offshore Wind Regional Locational Guidance 13/07/2018
Draft Tidal Regional Locational Guidance 13/07/2018
Draft Wave Regional Locational Guidance 13/07/2018
ECOMMAS Topic Sheet 15/11/2018
Establishment of Marine Environmental High Risk Areas (MEHRAs) Protection of United Kingdom Waters from Pollution from Ships (2006) 30/10/2015
European Marine Energy Centre Billia Croo Wildlife Observation Data 13/07/2018
European Marine Energy Centre Fall of Warness Wildlife Observation Data 13/07/2018
European Marine Energy Centre Scale Site Wildlife Observation Programme Data 13/07/2018
Fisheries Sensitivity Maps in British Waters - Coull et al., 1998 09/02/2016
Global Marine Ecological Status Reports (no.11) 10/10/2018
High resolution mapping and new discoveries at Rockall - the OFFCON Project 15/11/2018
ICES Phytoplankton and Microbial Plankton Status Report 2009/2010 30/03/2016
ICES Report on Ocean Climate 2014 01/04/2016
ICES Zooplankton Status Report 2010/2011 30/03/2016
Identifying locations considered to be least damaged/more natural in Scotland’s seas 15/11/2018


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