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Title Updated datesort ascending
Scottish Sea Fisheries Statistics 2015 (with maps of quantity and value of landings into Scotland by all vessels by district) 18/02/2019
Marine Scotland Topic Sheet 24 (IFGs) (pdf) 18/02/2019
O’Higgins. et al. (2018) ‘Many Points of View : Visibility Mapping for Marine Spatial’, 13, pp. 302–314 14/02/2019
Scottish Government Third National Planning Framework 11/02/2019
Marine Scotland - Real Time Closures 11/02/2019
Porbeagle Shark 11/02/2019
Live data from AIS 11/02/2019
OSPAR Convention - Convention for the Protection of the marine Environment of the North-East Atlantic 1992 11/02/2019
Scottish Government - Countryside and Landscape in Scotland 11/02/2019
Scottish Government - Air Quality 11/02/2019
International Year of the Salmon 05/02/2019
Fish and Shellfish Stocks 2017 Report 31/01/2019
ICES Report of the Working Group on the Biology and Life History of Crabs (WGCRAB) 2016 31/01/2019
Deep-sea Fishes Literature Review - JNCC Report No: 619 (2018) 31/01/2019
The diversity, distribution and status of deep-water elasmobranchs in the Rockall Trough, north-east Atlantic Ocean; Journal of Fish Biology Neat et al, (2015) 87, 1469–1488 doi:10.1111/jfb.12822 31/01/2019
Marine Scotland - High Level Pressures on Atlantic Salmon 31/01/2019
Integration of juvenile habitat quality and river connectivity models to understand and prioritise the management of barriers for Atlantic salmon populations across spatial scales (Buddendorf et al 2019) 30/01/2019
Marine Scotland - Conservation of Wild Salmon 30/01/2019
Scottish Government – Oil and Gas 11/01/2019
Scotland's marine economic statistics 2018 31/12/2018
Marine Scotland Topic Sheet 67 (Collecting the Marine Scotland Salmon and Sea Trout Fishery Statistics) 31/12/2018
Sea trout fishery statistics - 2017 season 31/12/2018
Salmon fishery statistics - 2017 season 31/12/2018
SNH - Seafish 27/12/2018
SNH Seabirds and shorebirds 27/12/2018


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