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Title Updated datesort ascending
UK National Commission for UNESCO 21/09/2017
SEPA - 'Real Time' bathing water quality predictions (1 June - 15 September) 21/09/2017
OSPAR Convention - Convention for the Protection of the marine Environment of the North-East Atlantic 1992 21/09/2017
NBN - Foxtail Stonewort 21/09/2017
MSi Themes 21/09/2017
Marine Scotland - Marine Analytical Unit 21/09/2017
Plantlife Report - Important stonewort areas 21/09/2017
Marine Scotland - UK Fishery Limits 21/09/2017
Shetland Islands Marine Spatial Plan 08/09/2017
Crown Estate Scotland Maps and Publications 07/09/2017
An Analysis of the Value of Wild Fisheries in Scotland Estimating the Contributions of wild Freshwater Fisheries to Scotland's Economy - March 2017 29/08/2017
Interactive Water Classification Hub - results (maps and graphs) 28/08/2017
The Crown Estate (minerals downloads) 28/08/2017
The Crown Estate - Marine sand and gravel resource map 28/08/2017
The Crown Estate - Aggregates 24/08/2017
The Crown Estate - Aquaculture 20/08/2017
SEPA water monitoring 20/08/2017
Tools for managing the development of the wave and tidal energy resource (TeraWatt) 18/08/2017
UKHO version of Traffic Separation Schemes (TSS) for download 15/08/2017
SEPA - water body classification hub 02/08/2017
Marine Data at The British Geological Survey (BGS) 01/08/2017
The Protection of Military Remains Act 1986 (Designation of Vessels and Controlled Sites) Order 2017 01/08/2017
Scottish Sea Fisheries Statistics 2015 (with maps of quantity and value of landings into Scotland by all vessels by district) 27/07/2017
Food Standards Scotland - Fish and Shellfish 24/07/2017
Rouse et al. (2017) ‘Commercial fisheries interactions with North Sea pipelines: considerations for decommissioning’ ICES Journal of Marine Science 20/07/2017


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