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Titlesort descending Updated date
2016 Marine bird pSPAs consultation 04/07/2016
A novel approach for designing large-scale river temperature monitoring networks. Hydrology Research. Jackson et al (2015) nh2015106; DOI: 10.2166/nh.2015.106 17/10/2017
A spatio-temporal statistical model of maximum daily river temperatures to inform the management of Scotland's Atlantic salmon rivers under climate change. Jackson et al (2018) 17/10/2017
Aberdeen Bay 05/05/2017
ABP Marine Environmental Research Ltd / Wave & Tidal Knowledge Network 29/10/2015
Adaptation Scotland 21/02/2017
Air Quality in Scotland 30/10/2015
Air Quality Management Areas in Scotland 29/10/2015
Air Quality Management Areas in Scotland 30/10/2015
An Analysis of the Value of Wild Fisheries in Scotland Estimating the Contributions of wild Freshwater Fisheries to Scotland's Economy - March 2017 29/08/2017
Anatec 05/05/2017
Anatec Ltd AIS 05/05/2017
AQMAs interactive map (funded by all UK administrations) 05/05/2017
Archive of Marine Species and Habitats Data (DASSH) 29/10/2015
Area-based Emergency Preparedness on the Norwegian Continental Shelf 29/10/2015
Assessment of the “State” of the demersal fish communities in OSPAR Regions II, III, IV and V – OSPAR QSR 2010 30/10/2015
Basic Fishing Methods – A comprehensive guide to commercial fishing methods (SeaFish 2015) 20/07/2017
Beatrice 30/10/2015
BGS UK onshore and offshore bedrock and superficial geology maps - WMS 30/10/2015
Blue Seas - Green Energy A Sectoral Marine Plan for Offshore Wind Energy in Scottish Territorial Waters 09/11/2016
Bond (Search & Rescue) 05/05/2017
Bristow Search and Rescue 10/12/2017
British Maritime Federation 05/05/2017
British Trust for Ornithology 05/05/2017
Caryophyllia Smithii and Swiftia pallida on Circalittoral Rock - JNCC 30/10/2015


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