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Title Updated datesort ascending
A novel approach for designing large-scale river temperature monitoring networks. Hydrology Research. Jackson et al (2015) nh2015106; DOI: 10.2166/nh.2015.106 11/12/2018
Where should we plant trees? Marine Scotland Topic Sheet 15/11/2018
An Analysis of the Value of Wild Fisheries in Scotland Estimating the Contributions of wild Freshwater Fisheries to Scotland's Economy - March 2017 15/11/2018
Marine and Coastal Tourism and Recreation in the Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters: A Case Study. Report to The Scottish Government - July 2015 15/11/2018
Scottish Shell Fish Farm Production Survey 2017 (with Scottish Marine Regions in Appendix 2) 15/11/2018
Scottish Government Third National Planning Framework 15/11/2018
Scottish Fish Farm Production Survey 2016 (with Scottish Marine Regions in Appendix 3) 15/11/2018
Scotland's National Marine Plan - Consultation Draft - 2013 15/11/2018
Scotland's Marine Economy - Topic Sheet and Technical Note 15/11/2018
Facts and figures about Scotland's sea area (coastline length, sea area in sq kms) 15/11/2018
Shetland - recreation data notes 15/11/2018
Climatology of surface and near-bed temperature and salinity on the north-west European continental shelf for 1971-2000 15/11/2018
Scottish Shelf Model workshop June 2017 25/10/2018
TeraWatt Position Papers 25/10/2018
Certain, G., Jørgensen, L.L., Christel, I., Planque, B. & Bretagnolle, V. 2015. Mapping the vulnerability of animal community ............ICES Journal of Marine Science, 13pp 22/10/2018
UK Marine Monitoring and Assessment Strategy 22/10/2018
Marine license varation august 2018 18/10/2018
RYA UK Coastal Atlas of Recreational Boating 2.0: User Guide (pdf) 16/10/2018
Global Marine Ecological Status Reports (no.11) 10/10/2018
Comparative Effects of Climate Change and Tidal Stream Energy Extraction in a Shelf Sea 28/09/2018
Multi-scale ocean response to a large tidal stream turbine array 28/09/2018
A modelling study of the tidal stream resource of the Pentland Firth, Scotland 28/09/2018
European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre - 06436/17/0 - Map 16/07/2018
Information about Regulating and Several Orders 12/07/2018
Current sea level graphs for Scottish locations 12/07/2018


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