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Marine Scotland Data Publication is a platform for publishing datasets with associated digital object identifiers (DOI's). This allow users to reference data appropriately, and for researchers to gain recognition for publishing data.

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We automatically load the datasets from this portal into the marine information portal. You can also access and search these datasets with additional metadata and data exploration features on the dedicated portal

Title Updated datesort descending
SOETAG Rocky Shore Monitoring Programme. TBT Conatmination in Sullom Voe, Shetland. 2009 Dogwhelk Survey 21/02/2019
UK Ocean Acidification Coastal Monitoring Network - Expanding the Network - Defra Contract C5801/ME5309 21/02/2019
Acoustic Assessment of SIMRAD EK60 High Frequency Echo Sounder Signals (120 & 200 kHz) in the Context of Marine Mammal Monitoring 21/02/2019
Marine Monitoring Network Review 21/02/2019
Celtic Sea Scottish Quarter 1 Otter Trawl Groundfish Survey Monitoring and Assessment Data Products 21/02/2019
Using historic tag data to infer the geographic range of salmon river stocks likely to be taken by a coastal fishery 21/02/2019
Outer Hebrides Bathymetry Package 21/02/2019
Swimming Depth of Sea Trout 21/02/2019
Girnock and Baddoch: Emigrant Numbers by Year of Emigration 21/02/2019
Improved estimates of digestion correction factors and passage rates for harbour seal (Phoca vitulina) prey 21/02/2019
Assessment of the "State" of the Demersal Fish Communities in OSPAR regions II, III, IV and V 21/02/2019
A review of hazardous substances in the Scottish marine environment: update 2010 21/02/2019
Maximum 7-day rolling mean of maximum temperatures for August 2015 for the rivers Spey, Dee, Tweed and Bladnoch 21/02/2019
Genetic assignment of marine-caught adult salmon at Armadale to region of origin 21/02/2019
Scottish Coastal Observatory - St Abbs Site 26/02/2019
Scottish Coastal Observatory - Scapa Site 26/02/2019
Scottish Coastal Observatory - Loch Maddy Site 26/02/2019
Grey and Harbour Seal Usage Maps 27/02/2019
Contaminant and biological effect data 1999-2016 for the 2017 CSEMP assessment 21/03/2019
Site locations for the National Electrofishing Programme for Scotland (NEPS) and west coast SAC rivers (2018) 04/04/2019
Contaminant and biological effect data 1999-2016 for the National Performance Framework Clean Seas Indicator 2017 15/04/2019
Contaminant data 1999-2015 for the National Performance Framework Clean Seas Indicator 2016 16/04/2019
Contaminant data 1999-2014 for the National Performance Framework Clean Seas Indicator 2015 17/04/2019
Risk Assessment of Permanent Auditory Injury in Marine Mammals: Differences Arising from the Application of the Southall and NOAA Criteria 25/04/2019
Pilot Scottish Beach Litter Performance Indicators (SBLPI) 30/04/2019


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