Base and background layers

What is it: 

The base and background layers give the data on MS Maps NMPi a locational context. Terrestrial and marine data sources are available:

There are four terrestrial layers:

  1. Positron - Tiles by CARTO
  2. Open Street Map
  3. Ordnance Survey (OS) Standard Look and Feel (OSMA feed)
  4. Ordnance Survey (OS) Background Maps (OSMA feed)  

There are two marine data feeds, in the 'Aerial photography, hydrographic charts, and bathymetry (background layers)' layer group:

  1. Bathymetry (OceanWise Marine Themes DEM)
  2. Raster Charts XL (OceanWise) (Not visible at all scales) (geographical coverage variable)

These maps are supplied by a Web Service and are maintained by the separate data originators

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