Deep water trawl survey - distribution and abundance of 11 more common deep water sharks and rays

What is it: 

Data from a scientific deep-water trawl fisheries survey in the north-east Atlantic were analysed to determine the spatial and bathymetric distribution of elasmobranch species and assess the change in relative abundance over the period 1998–2013. MS Maps NMPi shows the results of the 11 more common species as 11 maps:

  1. Black dogfish
  2. Blackmouth dogfish
  3. Greatern lantern shark
  4. Leafscale gulper shark
  5. Longnose velvet dogfish
  6. Mouse catshark
  7. Pale catshark
  8. Portuguese dogfish
  9. Shovelnosed shark
  10. Smalleye catfish
  11. Velvet belly shark
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