Integrated Coastal-Zone Risk Management - ICES Co-Operative Research Report No. 320

The International Council for the Exploration of the Sea science plan has emphasised the importance of coastal zone management and marine planning. In recognition of this, a Theme Session was held at the Annual Science Conference in Nantes in 2010. Papers from that Session have been combined into Co-Operative Research Report Number 320, edited by Roland Cormier (Canada), Ian Davies (Marine Scotland) and Andreas Kannen (Germany). The Theme Session covered:

  • marine spatial planning, including the effectiveness of management practices (e.g. marine protected areas, MPAs), and its role in the conservation of biodiversity;
  • contributions to socio-economic understanding of ecosystem goods and services, and forecasting of the effect of human activities;
  • the influence of the development of renewable energy resources (e.g. wind, hydropower, tidal, and waves) on marine habitat and biota

Marine Scotland contributed a series of papers to the Theme Session describing the results from seabed surveys in areas with potential for marine renewable energy developments, the structural changes made within Scottish Government in concert with the Marine (Scotland) Act 2010 to improve both marine licensing and environmental protection, and some aspects of the spatial modelling undertaken by Marine Scotland in support of sectoral marine planning.

The full text of the CRR can be downloaded below. The idividual papers involving Marine Scotland are listed below.

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ICES Cooperative Research Report No 320 November 2013