Oil & Gas - Licensing blocks and rounds

What is it: 

The 5 layers show blocks and part blocks subject to periodic oil and gas Licensing Rounds (now issued by Oil and Gas Authority - previously DECC).

  1. Oil and Gas - OGA - Offshore Oil and Gas Licencing Blocks– shows the general grid on which offshore oil and gas licensing is based
  2. Oil and Gas - Quadrants (OGA WMS) - larger areas consisting of 30 Licensing Blocks
  3. Oil and Gas - Licensed Blocks (OGA WMS) – offshore areas currently subject to a licence
  4. Oil and Gas - Blocks where oil and gas activity is restricted (OGA WMS)
  5. Oil and Gas - Blocks offered under 29th round of offshore licensing (OGA WMS)

Additional oil and gas licensing (indicative and offered blocks) can be added to MS Maps NMPi by the user as a 3rd party WMS. When using the  'Add 3rd Party WMS Layer' function, click on the '?' for a list of WMS available.

Date of Data: current (OGA WMS)

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