Sectoral Marine Plan for Offshore Wind Energy 2019 - draft Plan Options

What is it: 

The Sectoral Marine Plan aims to identify the most sustainable plan options for the future development of commercial-scale offshore wind energy in Scotland, including deep water wind technologies and covers both Scottish inshore and offshore waters.

The Plan seeks to contribute to the achievement of Scottish and UK energy and climate change policy objectives and targets, through the provision of a spatial strategy to inform the seabed leasing process for commercial offshore wind energy in Scottish waters, which:

  • minimises the potential adverse effects on other marine users, economic sectors and the environment resulting from further commercial-scale offshore wind development; and
  • maximises opportunities for economic development, investment and employment in Scotland, by identifying new opportunities for commercial scale offshore wind development, including deeper water wind technologies.

The draft Plan Options ("DPO") provide the spatial footprint for this Sectoral Marine Plan.

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Sectoral Marine Plan for Offshore Wind draft Plan Options