Typical Scottish Shelf Model Applications

The Scottish Shelf Model (SSM) has a vast array of potential applications to all areas of marine science. The SSM can give a detailed spatial picture of the physical water properties, which would be unobtainable from observation alone. Examples of how the model has been used to date are

  • Tidal energy resource maps from the wider Scottish Shelf Model
  • Wave and tidal energy resource maps from the PFOW case study
  • Assessment of impacts of renewable energy installations including tidal stream and offshore wind
  • Connectivity studies for aquaculture finfish farm management areas within the integrated high resolution Scottish shelf waters domain
  • Connectivity studies for benthic species within Marine Protected Areas and other habitat areas
  • Oil spill trajectory modelling​

Below are a number of links to papers, projects and case studies that make use of the SSM.

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The mean annual tidal power density around the Orkney Islands derived from the 1 year long PFOW climatology