Salmon and Sea Trout - Net fisheries reporting catches in 2011 to 2018 (hidden when zoomed in past 1:800,000) (time aware)

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Salmon fishing and sea trout fishing rights in Scotland fall into one of three broad categories: 

  • Fixed engine fisheries are restricted to the coast and must be set outside estuary limits
  • Net and coble fisheries generally operate in estuaries and the lower reaches of rivers
  • Rod and line fisheries comprise angling activities which generally take place within rivers and above tidal limits.

This layer displays fixed engine and net & coble station locations for catches between 2011-2018. This layer is designed to work with the NMPi time aware function.  

Fishery locations are general and the dataset is not available for public download. Display on NMPi is restricted – hidden from display when zoomed in past 1:800,000 scale.


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