OSPAR Intermediate Assessment 2017 - Pressures from Human Activities (1)

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The OSPAR Intermediate Assessment (IA) 2017 details human pressures on the North-East Atlantic, their effects and the implications for biological diversity of this marine area.  Some of the indicators of pressure were reported in the OSPAR Quality Status Report (QSR) 2010 but have been refined such that in the IA 2017 there is a significant regional component to the assessment.

The OSPAR North-East Atlantic area has 5 regions. The majority of Scotland’s seas, within the EEZ, are within OSPAR Region III – Celtic Seas (west coast) and Region II – Greater North Sea (east coast). There are also parts of Scotland’s seas within Region V – wider Atlantic and Region I – Arctic waters.

The layers show the boundaries of the OSPAR Regions, with additional centroid points that include HTML with URLs to the OSPAR Intermediate Assessment webpages. Designed for use with MS Maps.

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