Sectoral Marine Plan Offshore Wind Scoping Areas of Search 2018

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Areas of search (AoS) have been created using a multi-criteria analysis generated constraint map that shows a range of suitability for offshore wind energy locations. This constraint map is the product of overlaying and weighting 20 relevant layers in a GIS. From the least constrained/most suitable areas some broad zones are drawn. These broad areas are then refined into the AoS by investigating the geographic proximity to important offshore activities and issues. The activities considered to refine the footprint of the broad areas were: fishing, shipping, marine nature protected areas and oil and gas installations. These AoS will serve as guidance to developers and planners as to the most suitable sites for further offshore wind developments in Scottish waters. These sites provide a zone where developments will enjoy minimised obstacles to consenting and licensing whilst still benefitting from adequate resource and appropriate environmental conditions. These sites are recommended by Marine Scotland as places where the consenting and licensing process will be streamlined, expedient and efficient as the likely interactions to be encountered by developers have already been considered. Marine Scotland does not oblige developers to occupy these locations but to consider them as the most appropriate sites.

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