Aquaculture - Finfish, Shellfish and Fishery Sites (23.06.2017)

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This layer contains point data identifying the location of finfish or shellfish farms around Scotland from the Fish Health Inspectorate Aquadat database. This includes fishery sites which are ponds or other installation where farmed fish are stocked for recreational fishing (either private or commercial).
The data includes the three categories:
Active: is the status of a site that is stocked or fallow with the intention of restocking in the foreseeable future.
Inactive: is the status of a site that is unlikely to be stocked in the foreseeable future.
Deregistered: is the status applied to a site that is no longer used for the purpose of fish or shellfish production; the lease has been surrendered.

Spatial Data is extracted from the Aquadat database maintained by the Fish Health Inspectorate of Marine Scotland. The point data online is regularly updated via an XML update.

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This layer is downloadable from NMPi with the following license conditions: Open Government Licence (OGL) To download the data, use the link above to view the layer on NMPi, and follow these steps:

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