Seagrass beds - Ruppia maritima in reduced salinity infralittoral muddy sand - points (Priority Marine Feature) (SNH WMS)

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The Priority Marine Feature (PMF) list contains 81 habitats and species considered to be of conservation importance in Scotland's seas. It includes many features which are characteristic of the Scottish marine environment, ranging from flame shell beds in coastal waters, to cold-water coral reefs of the deeper seas, and mobile species such as minke whale and basking shark.

This layer shows the distribution of Ruppia maritima in reduced salinity infralittoral muddy sand. Ruppia maritima grows in soft sediments in sheltered shallow coastal waters, from full salinity to nearly fresh water but mainly in brackish waters of lagoonal habitats, lochs, estuaries, creeks and pools in salt marshes, wetlands, ditches and lakes. Found on the west coast, the Outer Hebrides, Orkney, Shetland and, intertidally in the Cromarty Firth.

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