Chapter 5: Productive

Location and type of waste water treatment plants (2010)

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Waste water treatment is designed to process waste water whilst protecting the environment and maintaining public health. Outfalls to the marine environment fall into three categories:

  1. outfalls from waste water treatment (WWT) plants which process waste water from the mains sewerage system  (this layer);
  2. industrial sites which take waste from manufacturing plants (see separate layer - Industrial (SPRI) marine discharges); and
  3. some private domestic sources (not on NMPi).

These categories of outfall also discharge to the riverine freshwater environment which eventually reach the sea.

This dataset was produced by SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection Agency).

11 Largest Scottish Ports (DfT Major Ports)

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Ports are a key part of the maritime infrastructure, providing the transport infrastructure between land and sea. Ports are critical in the effective movement of cargo and people especially in the context of today’s global economy and ever increasing demands of the customer. The 11 major ports are defined by Department for Transport (DfT) as regularly handling over 1M tonnes per year. This layer shows the 11 largest ports in Scotland. 


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