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06724 - Continued deposit, recovery and removal of Tidal Energy Device - Berth 1 Fall of Warness

This licence is to allow the remainder of deposits namely the sub-frame and associated ballast made under marine licence 06179/16/0 and continued deposits under marine licence 06543/17/0, as specified in Part 2 of this licence to remain on the seabed until full removal is carried out.

Application reference number: 
Licence ID: 
Application type: 
Application stage: 
Applicant name: 
Green Marine (UK) Ltd
Applicant address: 
Euston House
Back Road
KW16 3AJ
United Kingdom
Licence holder: 
Green Marine (UK) Ltd
Date of application: 
Date licence granted: 
Licence commencement date (as sought): 
Licence commencement date (as granted): 
Licence expiry date (as granted): 

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