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MeyGen Tidal Energy Project

Meygen Ltd were granted consent on 16th September 2013 for the construction and operation of the MeyGen tidal energy project with a generation capacity of up to 86MW.

a specific condition limited the initial stage of development to installation of a maximum of 6 turbines, which was subsequently increased to 8 turbines on 30th June 2017.

More information on the project can be found at:

Project stage: 
Project type: 
Renewables - Tidal

Project Applications and supporting documentation

Application stage Application type
Section 36 Consent Variation - MeyGen Limited - Inner Sound, Pentland Firth Application Renewables - Tidal
Section 36 Consent - MeyGen Limited - Inner Sound, Pentland Firth Determination Renewables - Tidal
06978 - Installation of a Subsea Hub - Inner Sound, Pentland Firth Post-consent Renewables - Tidal