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Moray Firth Regional Advisory Group (MFRAG)

The Moray Firth Regional Advisory Group (MFRAG) has been set up to meet the requirements of the section 36 and associated Marine Licence conditions of Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm ("BOWL") and Moray Offshore Windfarm (East) Limited “Moray East”)

Consents were granted by the Scottish Ministers under section 36 of the Electricity Act 1989 to construct and operate the BOWL Electricity Generating Station with a maximum generating capacity of 750 MW, and for the Moray East Telford, Stevenson and MacColl Offshore Wind Farm Electricity Generating Stations in the Outer Moray Firth with a combined maximum generating capacity of 1,116 MW.

Under the conditions of the s36 consents and marine licences, several projects within the Moray Firth must include an EMP and PEMP with an Advisory Group to provide advice to the Scottish Ministers for research, monitoring and mitigation programmes of the EMP and PEMP at a strategic level.

Post-consent monitoring requirements are incorporated into licence conditions in order to:

  • validate, or reduce uncertainty in predictions on environmental impacts recorded in supporting Environment Impact Assessments (EIA) and Habitats Regulation Assessments (HRA)
  • provide evidence on the effectiveness of mitigation measures
  • allow identification of any unforeseen consequences

For more information about the MFRAG please download the Moray Firth Regional Advisory Group Terms of Reference which can currently be found here on our old website.

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Renewables - Wind

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