National Marine Plan interactive (NMPi) quarterly update - April 2017


  1. marine scotland MAPS NMPi (National Marine Plan interactive) is Marine Scotland’s on-line planning portal making spatial data available to marine stakeholders in an easily accessible form to assist with the implementation of marine planning.
  2. Marine Scotland works with Scottish Natural Heritage, Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Joint Nature Conservation Committee and Marine Alliance for Science and Technology for Scotland to manage the content of NMPi.

A. Recently added layers since 1st January 2017 – use the link to open NMPi with the layer turned on.

Clean and Safe


Healthy and Biologically Diverse




Climate Change

B. Recently updated layers since 1st  January 2017 – use the link to open NMPi with the layer turned on.

Physical Characteristics

Clean and Safe

Healthy and Biologically Diverse


C. Layers in preparation

The following layers are in preparation:

  1. Shetland and Clyde regional assessment layers
  2. Broad habitats

D. Identified gaps and areas where data are sparse

Activity / data area


Mapping of inshore fishery activity

Number of studies underway

Local fishery restrictions

Will be considered as regional data layers developed

Coastal Character layers

Data will be added as /when available

Species / habitats of regional / local importance (if not PMFs)

Data will be added as /when available

New / updates to PMF records as they are found

Data will be added as /when available. Layers are now WMS feed from SNH.

Mobile species protected by other international legislation (e.g. EPS and basking sharks).

Data will be added as /when available


Local areas that are important to mobile species

Data will be added as /when available

Invasive species mapping

Data will be added as /when available

Sea level rise and storm surge data

Climate change data layers now available


E. Recent NMPI technical changes / enhancements

Users are reminded that Marine Scotland Information, launched June 2016, now provides integration between the web pages associated with each NMPi spatial layer (accessed via the

NMPi Info button
NMPi Info button
 icon); Marine Scotland’s Data Publishing Portal and the web pages previously referred to as Marine Scotland interactive.

There were a few technical changes made in January.

  1. NMPi is now branded ‘marine scotland MAPS NMPi’ to make clearer the link to ‘marine scotland INFORMATION’. This has resulted in some cosmetic changes to the banner.

  2. The layer control has been refreshed.
    1. The button to access the Marine Scotland Information web pages has been changed to a new style  You can also access these pages using the right click context menu on the layer name and selecting ‘Show Information’ – see screen shot

      NMPi data download and information buttons
      NMPi Show Information screenshot

    2. The ‘Data Download’ button, for those Marine Scotland data sets that are available as shape files are now accessed by 
      NMPi download button
      NMPi download button
  3. search function in the ‘Select Layers to Add’ dialogue has been improved.

  4. Availability from the provider of any WMS layers selected in the ‘Select Layers to Add’ dialogue is checked. If a layer is not available a warning message will appear. Only live WMS feeds will transfer to the Layer Control. Of course, it is hoped that this function will be rarely seen.

  5. Dynamic tool tips have been initiated which will allow pop-ups to become interactive. If they contain web links the user will be able to click these to open new windows and link to external content.  The first such layer with this is live – see Healthy and Biologically Diverse / Protected Areas/ Marine and nature conservation management in Marine Protected Areas (MPA) Network/ Video clips from MPA surveys – where the video clips of the seabed display in the pop-up from either the SNH or Marine Scotland YouTube channels. 

Marine Planning and Policy

April 2017