National Marine Plan interactive (NMPi) quarterly update - July 2017


  1. Marine Scotland MAPS NMPi (National Marine Plan interactive) is Marine Scotland’s on-line planning portal making spatial data available to marine stakeholders in an easily accessible form to assist with the implementation of marine planning.
  2. Marine Scotland works with Scottish Natural Heritage, Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Joint Nature Conservation Committee and Marine Alliance for Science and Technology for Scotland to manage the content of MAPS NMPi.


A. Recently added layers since 1st April 2017 – use the link to open NMPi with the layer turned on.

Healthy and Biologically Diverse


B. Recently updated layers since 1st  April 2017 – use the link to open NMPi with the layer turned on.

Clean and Safe

Healthy and Biologically Diverse



C. Layers in preparation

The following layers are in preparation:

  1. Shetland and Clyde regional assessment layers
  2. Broad habitats


D. Identified gaps and areas where data are sparse

Activity / data area


Mapping of inshore fishery activity

Number of studies underway

Local fishery restrictions

Will be considered as regional data layers developed

Coastal Character layers

Data will be added as /when available

Species / habitats of regional / local importance (if not PMFs)

Data will be added as /when available

New / updates to PMF records as they are found

Data will be added as /when available. Layers are now WMS feed from SNH.

Mobile species protected by other international legislation (e.g. EPS and basking sharks).

Data will be added as /when available


Local areas that are important to mobile species

Data will be added as /when available

Invasive species mapping

Data will be added as /when available


E. Recent NMPI technical changes / enhancements

The most recent changes in MAPS NMPi functionality were launched in early July. These will provide users with additional flexibility whilst not fundamentally changing the way MAPS NMPi operates. The new functions are:

  1. Keyword search – when adding layers in the ‘Select Layers to Add dialogue box, there are some new icons
    • Show / Hide Keyword Search  The keyword selection button on NMPi
    • Spatial searchThe spatial search button on NMPi  this has been moved from the Main Tool bar (top left).
    • On clicking the ‘Show / Hide Keyword Search button the ‘Select Layers to Add’ dialogue box extends to the left.  See screen shot. Users can now search MAPS NMPi content in three ways:
    • Choose a ‘Vocabulary’ from the ‘Select Vocabulary’ drop down list. This currently is restricted to the ‘layer properties’ -
      • vector
      • raster
      • externalwms
      • externalwmts
      • istimeaware
      • isdownloadable
    • by checking a box, NMPi will select only those layers with those properties to appear in the right hand side of the dialogue box, observing the usual tree structure.
    • You can then use the
      • free text search box at the top right hand side to further reduce the possible layers identified; or
      • spatial query tool to identify a geographical area of search
    • once you are happy with the layers selected they can be transferred to the ‘Layer Control’ by clicking ‘Add/Remove layers’.
    • The NMPi layer selection and filter menu
    • Additional vocabularies will be developed in the future that will tag NMPi layers so allowing greater ease of finding data / information.

  2. Improved links for data download – in future rather than download data from NMPi, links will be provided from where data can be downloaded. For Marine Scotland data this will generally be a link to the appropriate SSDI (Scottish Spatial Data Infrastructure, the Scottish INSPIRE portal) page where full metadata and files will be available. For 3rd party data (not previously available from NMPi) it could be to either that party’s SSDI page or other web page where data are available. MS links are available straight away.  Marine Scotland will be providing signposts to 3rd party data sources rather than providing the actual data.  We will populate 3rd party links over coming months. The download link is available in two ways:
    1. There is a download icon next to the layer name (just click on this); or
    2. Right click on the layer name and a small context menu appears.  Select the ‘Download’ text.    See screen shot
    3. The layer control context menu on NMPi
  3. Links to Metadata – The Marine Scotland INFORMATION pages that support MAPS NMPi also contain some metadata for all the NMPi layers. These can now be accessed using the right click context menu and clicking on ‘Show Metadata’

  4. Refreshed icons – the opportunity has been taken to refresh the buttons on NMPI but their functionality remains the same.  The only new icon is for ‘Show / Hide Keyword Search’ .

  5. Time aware – there was a small glitch with the time aware dialogue box. It didn’t resize if the layer name was long and the control buttons disappeared: this has been corrected. Also, when first activating the time aware function now (right click context menu), the first time period of data will show on screen. Previously all the data showed until you clicked the time aware start button. If you still wish to see all the data for the whole period of data included in the layer, do not activate time aware.

  6. Mobile site – small changes have been made to the way the layer control works on the mobile site which is accessed by users when on a tablet or phone. To open map layers first click the  ‘Layers‘ button at the bottom of the screen which opens a new ‘Active Layers’ menu.   To select new layers, click ‘+Add Layers’ button which opens the ‘Layers’ list. Users can scroll or search/filter and then check the opaque tick to select the layers required.  Then click ‘Map Page’ to return to the map with the layers on. A new loading ‘tell-tale’ should show progress of loading with larger layers. Clicking on the ‘Layers’ button again returns to the ‘Active Layers’ screen where unwanted layers can be turned off one at a time or use the ‘Clear All’ button.  The keyword search, data download or time aware outlined above are not available on the mobile site.

Marine Planning and Policy

July 2017