National Marine Plan interactive (NMPi) quarterly update - October 2016


  1. National Marine Plan interactive (NMPi) is Marine Scotland’s on-line planning portal making spatial data available to marine stakeholders in an easily accessible form to assist with the implementation of marine planning.
  2. Marine Scotland works with Scottish Natural Heritage, Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Joint Nature Conservation Committee and Marine Alliance for Science and Technology for Scotland to manage the content of NMPi.

A. Recently added layers since 1st July 2016 – use the links below to open NMPi with the layer turned on.

Clean and Safe

Hazardous Substances (all time aware layers)

Healthy and Biologically Diverse

Basking shark (Cetorhinus maximus)


Marine Protected Areas (MPA) Network


Kelp beds



Maritime Transport (Ports and Shipping)





B. Recently updated layers since 1st October 2016 – use the links below to open NMPi with the layer turned on.


Clean and Safe

Oil Spill Contingency, Casualties and Search & Rescue


Healthy and Biologically Diverse

Intertidal Rock (Priority Marine Features)

Inshore and Shelf Subtidal Sediments (Priority Marine Features)


Deep Sea habitats – SNH WMS added


Scottish Marine Animal Stranding Scheme Data





Maritime Transport (Ports and Shipping)

Telecommunications Cables

Renewable Energy and Power Cables


C. Layers in preparation

The following layers are in preparation:

  1. Shetland and Clyde regional layers
  2. Broad habitats
  3. Climate change (various layers)
  4. New RYA (September 2016) data


D. Identified gaps and areas where data are sparse


Activity / data area


Port / harbour limits

Now added to NMPI.

Updated shipping (AIS) data

Now added to NMPI.

Mapping of inshore fishery activity

Number of studies underway

Local fishery restrictions

Will be considered as regional data layers developed

Local sailing clubs in Shetland not part of the RYA data set as not RYA members

In preparation from local data

Improved leisure and recreation data

Recent Marine Scotland ‘Scottish Marine Recreation & Tourism Survey 2015’ published March 2016.

Detailed hazardous substances data

NMPI points to MERMAN interactive map which has full hazardous substances data. New Hazardous substances layers (time aware) now added to NMPi.

Coastal Character layers

Data will be added as /when available

Species / habitats of regional / local importance (if not PMFs)

Data will be added as /when available

New / updates to PMF records as they are found

Data will be added as /when available. Layers are now WMS feed from SNH.

Mobile species protected by other international legislation (e.g. EPS and basking sharks).

Data will be added as /when available


Local areas that are important to mobile species

Data will be added as /when available

Invasive species mapping

Data will be added as /when available

Sea level rise and storm surge data

Climate change data layers being prepared

Actual water depths for bathymetry

Data will be added as /when available. Ocean Wise Charts added.


E. Recent NMPI technical changes / enhancements

More layers have been added to make use of the recent ‘time aware’ functionality, for example, hazardous substances and shipping (AIS) data. This allows the user to slide between multiple years of data.

Marine Scotland Information launched June 2016 now provides integration between the web pages associated with each NMPi spatial layer (accessed via the NMPi i-icon icon); Marine Scotland’s Data Publishing Portal and the web pages previously referred to as Marine Scotland interactive.


Marine Planning and Policy

October 2016