Forth and Tay Commercial Fisheries Working Group (FTCFWG)

The Forth and Tay Commercial Fisheries Working Group (FTCFWG) has been set up in line with the requirements of the section 36 (“s.36”) consent and marine licence conditions of Neart na Gaoithe Offshore Wind Limited (“NnGOWL”), Inch Cape Offshore Limited (“ICOL”), Seagreen Wind Energy Limited (“Seagreen”), Kincardine Offshore Wind Limited (“KOWL”) and Forthwind Limited (“Forthwind”).

Whilst in the pre-consent phase, Berwick Bank Offshore Wind Farm and Marr Bank Offshore Wind Farm developments also form part of the FTCFWG membership, to facilitate early engagement with the commercial fisheries stakeholders.

The exact wording of individual projects consent/licence condition vary, but the spirit of the FTCFWG is to facilitate communication and collaboration between the commercial fishing industry and offshore wind farm developers.In line with Fishing Liaison with Offshore Wind and Wet Renewables Group (FLOWW) Best Practice Guidance for Offshore Renewables Developments: Recommendations for Fisheries Liaison (January 2014), Fishing Industry Representatives (FIRs) have been appointed by the Forth and Tay developers.  There is a FIR representing each of the fishing communities in the Forth and Tay region on behalf of the FTCFWG; please find their contact details below.Please contact the relevant FIR for your geographic location if you wish to raise any queries or concerns.


FIR Contact Details Area Responsible
Trevor Spouse

+44 (0) 7545586245

East Lothian – Borders to Cove
Steven Stanulis

+44 (0) 7921505299

East Lothian – Dunbar to Cove
Billy Wood  

+44 (0) 7837547531

Andrew Whiston

 +44 (0) 7792657599

Montrose and Arbroath

During the consents process and the subsequent delivery of the offshore wind farm projects, each Developer has a company Fisheries Liaison Officer (FLO), who can be contacted in the first instance for project-related information. More information on the projects can also be found on the developments’ webpages following the links in the table below.

Project Website Company FLO
NnG Offshore Wind Farm

Peter Berney

Natural Power Consultants

+44 (0) 7391402387

Inch Cape Offshore Wind Farm

Peter Berney

Natural Power Consultants

+44 (0) 7391402387

Seagreen Offshore Wind Farm

Alex Winrow-Giffin

Brown and May Marine Ltd.

+44 (0) 7760160039

Kincardine Offshore Wind Farm

Michael Sutherland

+44 (0) 7928484343

Forthwind Offshore Demonstrator Project

Marc Murray

(Interim Project Contact – FLO TBC)

+44 (0) 7808 706753

Berwick Bank and Marr Bank Offshore Wind Farm

Sophie Farenden

Brown and May Marine Ltd.

+44 (0) 7525 128344