Scotland's Marine Atlas

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Scotland's Marine Atlas - Information for the National Marine Plan is an assessment of the condition of Scotland's seas, based on scientific evidence from data and analysis, supported by expert judgement. It provides baseline information from which the national marine plan will be developed.

Title Updated datesort ascending
Marine Management, Education, Research and Development 27/12/2018
Chapter 2: Physical Characteristics - pdf format 27/12/2018
Renewable Energy and Power Cables; Carbon Capture and Storage; Oil, Gas, Pipelines and Gas Storage - pdf format 27/12/2018
Waves and Sea Level 27/12/2018
Intertidal Rock 27/12/2018
Economic Analysis of Scotland's Core Marine Sector 27/12/2018
Chapter 6 Climate Change 27/12/2018
Introduction; Water Framework Directive Classification of of Transitional and Coastal Waters - pdf format 27/12/2018
Water Abstraction; Maritime Transport (Ports and Shipping) - pdf format 27/12/2018
Introduction 27/12/2018
Intertidal Sediments 27/12/2018
Aquaculture 27/12/2018
Reference Map 27/12/2018
Hazardous Substances - pdf format 27/12/2018
Waste Disposal (Dredge Material); Waste Disposal (Waster Water Treatment and Industrial Outfalls) - pdf format 27/12/2018
Water Framework Directive Classification of Transitional and Coastal Waters 27/12/2018
Subtidal Rock 27/12/2018
Fishing 27/12/2018
Chapter 4 Healthy and Biologically Diverse 27/12/2018
Biological Effects of Contaminants: Imposex and Environmental Genomes - pdf format 27/12/2018
Defence (Military); Telecommunications Cables; Marine Management, Educations, Research and Development - pdf format 27/12/2018
Hazardous Substances 27/12/2018
Inshore and Shelf Subtidal Sediments 27/12/2018
Salmon and Sea Trout Fishing 27/12/2018
Oil and Chemical Spills; Radioactive Substances; Microbiological Contamination; Biotoxin Monitoring in Scotland - pdf format 27/12/2018


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