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Title Updated datesort ascending
Regional variation in directed swimming by Atlantic salmon smolts leaving Scottish waters for their oceanic feeding grounds—a modelling study 04/10/2021
Sectoral Marine Plan for Offshore Wind for Innovation and Targeted Oil and Gas Decarbonisation (INTOG) - Planning Specification and Context Report 27/09/2021
Surveys of the Beaufort's Dyke Explosives Disposal Site, November 1995 - July 1996 - Fisheries Research Services Report No 15/96 - November 1996 19/05/2021
Scotland's marine economic statistics 2018 (October 2020) 30/04/2021
Marine and Coastal Tourism and Recreation in the Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters: A Case Study. Report to The Scottish Government - July 2015 29/04/2021
National Marine Plan Review 2021 23/03/2021
Sectoral Marine Plan for Offshore Wind Energy 28/10/2020
Draft Sectoral Marine Plan for Offshore Wind Consultation Details 20/01/2020
Duffy, P. D., and T. A. Stojanovic (2018) The Potential for Assemblage Thinking in Population Geography: Assembling Population, Space and Place. Population, Space and Place 24 (3) e2097. 19/12/2019
JNCC Report 515 - Physical Damage (Reversible Change) – Penetration and/or disturbance of the substrate below the surface of the seabed, including abrasion 09/12/2019
Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters Strategic Area: Marine Energy Resources 13/11/2019
Porbeagle Shark 05/11/2019
IPIECA-IMO-OGP report "Sensitivity mapping for Oil Spill response" (July 2012) 10/10/2019
ScotMap - Inshore Fisheries Mapping Project in Scotland 18/09/2019
Shipping Study of the Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters - November 2012 02/09/2019
Welsh Government (2016): Development of a coastal community typology- An overview of coastal communities and how marine activities can support their development 13/08/2019
Marine Management Organisation (2011) Socio-Economic Typologies of Coastal Communities and Web Mapping Service (WMS) 13/08/2019
Integrated Coastal-Zone Risk Management - ICES Co-Operative Research Report No. 320 05/08/2019
ICES Report on Ocean Climate 2014 05/08/2019
ICES Zooplankton Status Report 2010/2011 29/07/2019
The Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS) 08/05/2019
NASCO Focus Area Report - Protection, Restoration and Enhancement of Salmon Habitat 03/04/2019
SNH Commissioned Report 792: Marine Protected Area - related black guillemot surveys 2014 26/02/2019
Commissioned Report No. 773. A Diving Bird Collision Risk Assessment Framework For Tidal Turbines 26/02/2019
SNH Commissioned Report 773: A diving bird collision risk assessment framework for tidal turbines 26/02/2019


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