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Title Updated datesort ascending
Scotland's Marine Atlas: Information for the National Marine Plan (2011) 17/11/2020
North Sea Interactive 13/10/2020
Oil and Gas Authority National Data Repository 07/10/2020
Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) open data 07/10/2020
Scottish Government - Oil and Gas Production, Income and Expenditure (Offshore Production by Marine Areas) 03/04/2020
Keep Scotland Beautiful 15/01/2020
Sectoral Marine Plan for offshore Wind Energy Draft Plan Options - GIS files 10/01/2020
SCRAPbook 08/01/2020
A Typology of Scottish Coastal Towns and Communities (University of St Andrews) 19/12/2019
Duffy, P. D., and T. A. Stojanovic (2018) The Potential for Assemblage Thinking in Population Geography: Assembling Population, Space and Place. Population, Space and Place 24 (3) e2097. 19/12/2019
JNCC - Black guillemot 09/12/2019
JNCC Report 515 - Physical Damage (Reversible Change) – Penetration and/or disturbance of the substrate below the surface of the seabed, including abrasion 09/12/2019
Improvement Service - Published national datasets 02/12/2019
AQMAs interactive map (funded by all UK administrations) 26/11/2019
Regional variation in directed swimming by Atlantic salmon smolts leaving Scottish waters for their oceanic feeding grounds—a modelling study 21/11/2019
Scotland's marine economic statistics 2017 (October 2019) 13/11/2019
Marine Scotland Oil Spill Response 13/11/2019
Coastal applications using the Scottish Shelf Model 13/11/2019
Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters Strategic Area: Marine Energy Resources 13/11/2019
JNCC - BAP priority marine species 05/11/2019
JNCC - Cold water coral reefs 05/11/2019
JNCC - Horse mussel beds 05/11/2019
ADMIRALTY Marine Data Portal 05/11/2019
Marine Conservation Society 25/10/2019
EUNIS - Kelp in variable salinity 21/10/2019


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