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Title Updated datesort ascending
RSPB Reserve Map 19/08/2019
Welsh Government (2016): Development of a coastal community typology- An overview of coastal communities and how marine activities can support their development 13/08/2019
Marine Management Organisation (2011) Socio-Economic Typologies of Coastal Communities and Web Mapping Service (WMS) 13/08/2019
JNCC - Ramsar 05/08/2019
JNCC - SPAs 05/08/2019
Marine Noise Registry - JNCC archive 01/08/2019
Monitoring impulsive noise in UK waters 01/08/2019
Marine Noise Registry Service 29/07/2019
JNCC 29/07/2019
O’Higgins. et al. (2018) ‘Many Points of View : Visibility Mapping for Marine Spatial Planning’, 13, pp. 302–314 29/07/2019
Marine Recorder 29/07/2019
JNCC - Scottish MPA page 29/07/2019
JNCC - SACs 29/07/2019
JNCC - SACs 29/07/2019
JNCC - Bottlenose Dolphin 29/07/2019
JNCC - Harbour porpoise 29/07/2019
JNCC - Laminaria Hyperborea in tide-swept infralittoral mixed substrata 29/07/2019
JNCC - Fuccoids in tide-swept conditions 29/07/2019
JNCC - Halidrys siliquosa and mixed kelps on tide-swept infralittoral rock and coarse sediment 29/07/2019
Caryophyllia Smithii and Swiftia pallida on Circalittoral Rock - JNCC 29/07/2019
JNCC – Marine Habitats Classification Hierarchy 29/07/2019
UK Hydrographic Office - Continental Shelf 29/07/2019
UK Hydrographic Office UK Exclusive Economic Zone map 29/07/2019
Bond (Search & Rescue) 29/07/2019
Met Office - 'Human dynamics of climate change' map - includes global sea temperature rise (7 MB pdf) 29/07/2019


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