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Title Updated datesort ascending
Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters Strategic Area: Marine Energy Resources 13/11/2019
JNCC - BAP priority marine species 05/11/2019
JNCC - Cold water coral reefs 05/11/2019
JNCC - Horse mussel beds 05/11/2019
ADMIRALTY Marine Data Portal 05/11/2019
Marine Conservation Society 25/10/2019
EUNIS - Kelp in variable salinity 21/10/2019
EUNIS 21/10/2019
EUNIS - Sublittoral Mud 21/10/2019
Certain, G., Jørgensen, L.L., Christel, I., Planque, B. & Bretagnolle, V. 2015. Mapping the vulnerability of animal community ............ICES Journal of Marine Science, 13pp 10/10/2019
RYA UK Coastal Atlas of Recreational Boating 2.1: User Guide August 2019 (pdf) 07/10/2019
Marine Scotland - ScotMap 18/09/2019
UK Sea Map 2010 - predictive mapping of seabed habitats 18/09/2019
UKSeaMap 2010 - predictive mapping of seabed habitats 18/09/2019
Scottish Environment LINK 18/09/2019
Wave & Tidal Knowledge Network 18/09/2019
ABP Marine Environmental Research Ltd / Wave & Tidal Knowledge Network 18/09/2019
Area-based Emergency Preparedness on the Norwegian Continental Shelf 18/09/2019
Ordnance Survey BoundaryLine 18/09/2019
The Green Blue 18/09/2019
INIS HYDRO project (Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland Hydrographic Survey) 02/09/2019
NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory COBE SST 02/09/2019
Transport Scotland - statistics 02/09/2019
Transport Scotland - ferries 02/09/2019
OSPAR Convention - Convention for the Protection of the marine Environment of the North-East Atlantic 1992 19/08/2019


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