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Titlesort descending Updated date
Breeding density, fine‐scale tracking, and large‐scale modeling reveal the regional distribution of four seabird species: Wakefield et al. 2017 21/12/2018
Bristow Search and Rescue 18/07/2018
British Maritime Federation 25/10/2018
British Trust for Ornithology 05/05/2017
Caryophyllia Smithii and Swiftia pallida on Circalittoral Rock - JNCC 29/07/2019
CDA Ltd 04/12/2018
Census population by Output Area 30/10/2015
Certain, G., Jørgensen, L.L., Christel, I., Planque, B. & Bretagnolle, V. 2015. Mapping the vulnerability of animal community ............ICES Journal of Marine Science, 13pp 10/10/2019
Civil Jurisdiction (Offshore Activities) Order 1987 01/02/2017
Clydeplan - Glasgow and Clyde Valley Strategic Development Planning Authority Joint Committee 18/02/2019
Coal Authority 05/04/2017
Coal Authority - details about UCG in UK 30/10/2015
Coal Authority - mining information and data sets 14/03/2017
Coastal applications using the Scottish Shelf Model 13/11/2019
Committee on Climate Change - UK Climate Change Risk Assessment 2017 21/02/2017
Community Councils 09/05/2017
Comparative Effects of Climate Change and Tidal Stream Energy Extraction in a Shelf Sea 28/09/2018
Conservation Measures to Control the Killing of Wild Salmon - 2018 Assessment 15/11/2018
Consultation on The Draft Scottish Marine Regions Order 2013 18/02/2019
Crown Estate Scotland - Aquaculture 04/12/2018
Crown Estate Scotland - Offshore wind 04/12/2018
Crown Estate Scotland - Wave and Tidal 04/12/2018
Crown Estate Scotland coastal 04/12/2018
Crown Estate Scotland Maps and Publications 07/09/2017
Cruise Scotland 04/12/2018


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