Draft Offshore Wind Regional Locational Guidance

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Marine Scotland Data Portal
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Shapefile, Google Earth KMZ/KML


The Scottish Government has prepared Regional Locational Guidance (RLG) to facilitate the development of offshore wind energy Scottish Waters. The Guidance gives consideration to detailed environmental, technical and socio-economic and planning issues in relation to the offshore renewable energy regions of Scotland. The RLG will be used:
* To provide detailed information in relation to the Areas of Search identified in the 2011 Scoping Report for Offshore Wind Farm Developments in Scottish Waters;
* To identify suitable options for inclusion in the sectoral marine planning process;
* To inform key stakeholders and other interested parties of the key regional issues in relation to developing offshore wind energy in Scottish Waters; and
* To inform the process for determining marine license applications to develop offshore renewable energy in Scottish Waters.

Please note
An updated version of the GIS data was added to this dataset February 2018. The older GIS resources have been removed, but are available on request.

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