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Marine Scotland Data Publication is a platform for publishing datasets with associated digital object identifiers (DOI's). This allow users to reference data appropriately, and for researchers to gain recognition for publishing data.

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We automatically load the datasets from this portal into the marine information portal. You can also access and search these datasets with additional metadata and data exploration features on the dedicated portal

Title Updated datesort descending
Marine Licence Application- Outfall- Dunmore, Falkirk- 00010105 24/01/2023
Marine Licence – Construction and Operation of Wave Energy Convertor – Scapa Flow Test Site - 00009139 03/02/2023
Marine Licence - Pontoon - Cuddy Point, Scalpay, Isle of Harris - 00009760 08/02/2023
Salmon Parasite Interactions in Linnhe, Lorn and Shuna (SPILLS) Final Project Report 17/02/2023
Sea Lice Data Shuna Sound Region 17/02/2023
Marine Licence Application- Marine Farm- Soay Sound, Loch Tarbert- 00010128 22/02/2023
Marine Licence Application- Existing Marine Farm- Papanorth, Swarbacks Minn, Shetland- 00010061 06/03/2023
FTRAG- Ornithology Subgroup - Meeting Minutes - 10 November 2021 06/03/2023
Screening Opinion - Acairsaid Pier, Eriskay - SCR-0052 10/03/2023
Pilot Scottish Beach Litter Performance Indicators (SBLPI) 16/03/2023
Future Climate Change Data Layers 16/03/2023
Marine Licence Application- Moorings - Bishops Bay Loch Leven- 00010248 24/03/2023
Marine Licence Application- Outfall Construction - Dunstaffnage Bay- 00010180 24/03/2023
Marine Licence Application- Marine Farm- Parkgate, Olnafirth, Shetland- 00009919 05/04/2023
Marine Licence Application- Mooring variation - Loch Duich, Highland- 00009830 18/04/2023
Marine Licence Variation Application - Marine Farm- Trilleachan Mor, Loch Seaforth - 00009907 29/05/2023
Loch Linnhe Biological Sampling Data Products 2011 - 2013 09/06/2023
A Compendium of Marine Related Carbon Stores, Sequestrations and Emissions 05/06/2024
Screening Request - Construction of Flood Defences – Lower Largo Peir, Fife - SCR-0085 17/06/2024


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