Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) - Saline Aquifer Sites (Centroids)

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This dataset contains points marking the approximate central points of the ten saline aquifers with potential for CO2 storage in the Scottish offshore area as identified in 2009. They are colour coded according to whether they meet minimum (orange) or best (green) practice geotechnical requirements.  The saline aquifer locations are displayed in the Saline Aquifer Areas layer.

Ports, harbours, marinas, and slipways (OSCP)

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The locations of ports, harbours, marinas and slips around Scotland. Ports are a key part of the maritime infrastructure, providing the transport infrastructure between land and sea. Ports are critical in the effective movement of cargo and people especially in the context of today’s global economy and ever increasing demands of the customer. The 11 major ports are defined by Department for Transport (DfT) as regularly handling over 1M tonnes per year.

Locations of ports and names were derived from a number of sources including Marine Scotland, Transport Scotland and Ports.org.uk, compared with Ordnance Survey data and with feedback from port authorities (facilitated by British Ports Authority). Port codes were derived from 2019-1 version of the UN LOCODE database. Some slips were identified from the cartographic text in OS MasterMap, from aerial imagery, and feedback from the local community.


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