AIS - Shipping Traffic - Average weekly density of vessel types

What is it: 

Maps show number of vessels using class A AIS (vessels >300grt, all passenger ships regardless of size, AIS working and not switched off, position info is accurate) and vessels carrying class B AIS (vessels <300t, fishing vessels, recreational craft).  The data have been derived from a UK data set and clipped to outside Scottish waters.

AIS (Automatic Identification System) is a carriage requirement for SOLAS vesels and is an integral part of the EU Vessel Traffic Monitoring and Information Directive (2002/59/EC).

For full methodology including processing techniques and data outputs please see the MMO1066 reports.

There are 11 layers, available with time aware functionality:

  1. All vessel types
  2. Cargo vessels
  3. Vessels engaged in dredging or underwater operations
  4. Fishing vessels
  5. High speed craft
  6. Military or law enforcement vessels
  7. Non-port service craft
  8. Passenger vessels
  9. Port service craft
  10. Recreational vessels
  11. Tankers
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