Coastal Monitoring Site: Findon-Cove

On the east coast of Scotland temperature measurements have been made at a number of sites relatively close to one another. Temperature measurements were made at a coastal site at Findon (57°03'48.6"N, 2°06'14.8"W) from 1996 to 2009.
The Findon site was in an exposed location in a small inlet on the east coast of Scotland, approximately seven miles south of Aberdeen, subjected to the North Sea conditions.
Due to logistical reasons the Findon site was re-located to Cove Bay (57°05'44.5"N, 002°04'35.2"W), three miles north of Findon, where temperature measurements were collected between 2008 and 2015. However, data suggested that the instrument became dry at certain times, so in 2015 the Minilogger recorder was relocated to a site at Stonehaven harbour (56°57'36.5"N, 002°12'00.8"W).
Like Stonehaven, all of these sites are very exposed, particularly to the east, with the only shelter occurring from the lee of the coastline.

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