Farr Point Bathymetry 2014

A multibeam survey of the north coast of Scotland between the Kyle of Tongue and 8 miles west of Thurso was surveyed in 2014 by the Marine Scotland Science vessel, the MRV Scotia. This is an extension of the Armadale dataset that was surveyed in 2011. The data was collected and processed in WGS 1984 UTM 30N and has been corrected to chart datum. It has been cleaned to a 2m resolution. It should be noted that there is a tidal discrepancy between adjacent lines in some sections due to an intermittent signal loss with the motion and heading sensors. This artefact is especially evident in the Rugosity and Hillshade layers. The bathymetry and additional GIS products can be downloaded from the links below. Please note that several of these downloads are very large.

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