Regulating and Several Orders

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Regulating and Several Orders are granted by the Scottish Ministers under the terms of the Sea Fisheries (Shellfish) Act 1967 (the 1967 Act), as amended, in respect of the Scottish zone. They are made for the establishment or improvement and for the maintenance and regulation of a shellfish fishery.

A Regulating Order confers on its grantee the right to regulate fishing for a named species in a defined area, for a specified limit of time. Currently Shetland is covered by a Regulating Order.

A Several Order gives its grantee an exclusive right to deposit, propagate, dredge, fish for or take the species named in the Order, in the specified area and for a specified limit of time. An Order may restrict other fishing practices within its area in order to protect the specified shellfish stock. There are Several Orders in Loch Ewe; Little Loch Broom; Loch Crinan and Loch Caolisport.

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