RYA Coastal Atlas of Recreational Boating

What is it: 

There are 5 layers available:

  • General boating areas - replaces the previous ‘racing areas’ and ‘sailing areas’.
  • Sailing Clubs
  • Training Centres
  • Marinas
  • Recreational AIS intensity - replaces the previous ‘recreational cruising routes’.

All the data are covered by the ‘RYA UK Coastal Atlas of Recreational Boating - September 2019’ – see link in ‘Data Sources’ tab below.

© Data reproduced under licence from the Royal Yachting Association. RYA copyright material requires the consent of the RYA for any reproduction, adaptation, manipulation, extraction or other use. Images from NMPi based on RYA data should not be reproduced by third parties. Users wishing access to the data should contact the RYA: follow link under Data Originators to RYA web page for details.

AIS intensity is displayed on a ¼ km grid in a raster format. This was previously 1 nm grid vector. AIS data are no longer limited to 12 nm.

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RYA UK AIS intensity and training centres © RYA