Salmon Parasite In Linnhe, Lorn, and Shuna (SPILLS)

Project Dates: 
October, 2020 to December, 2022
Project Summary: 

The Salmon Parasite in Linnhe, Lorn and Shuna (SPILLS) project focused on testing and improving sea lice dispersal monitoring and modelling techniques. A successful Blue Economy (A Blue Economy Vision for Scotland - ( requires robust environmental monitoring and modelling to understand and mitigate against risks caused by human activities on the marine environment, such as the potential risks posed by sea lice originating from salmon farms in Scotland to wild and farmed salmonids.

The SPILLS project was funded by Marine Scotland science and Crown Estate Scotland (CES) as part of its enabling role to invest in research and development to enhance sustainability and explore new areas of potential growth of the aquaculture sector.

Sampling in Loch Linnhe. Photo by Stuart Wallace.