Socio-economic - Oil Spill Contingency Planning (OSCP)

What is it: 

The socio-economic section of ‘Oil spill response and planning’ (OSCP) shows 5 layers but the zoom has been restricted to 1:250,000 for emergency response use:

1. Seawater Finfish and Shellfish Sites (date) (active, seawater and mixed sites) – from Marine Scotland (regularly updated)
2. Coastal petroleum facilities and power station water intakes (OSCP) - May 2016 – from Marine Scotland
3. Marine renewable energy from The Crown Estate - as 3 layers covering covering tide, wave and wind energy sites (operational or under construction).

Other layers can be found in the Productive section. Add a suitable search term to the search box on Marine Scotland Information or MS Maps NMPi.


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