06294 - Installation of Rock - Peterhead, Aberdeenshire

The existing Marine Licence (Ref: 05515/16/0) permits the installation of five 6 MW wind turbine generator units, connected by inter-array cables. An export cable will transport electricity from the Pilot Park to shore at Peterhead. These works present an update to the permanent deposits contained within the existing license as follows;

Remedial mitigation works to the export cable route by means of rock installation to sections of the export cable where target burial depth is not achieved due to the nature of the seabed soil conditions.

Additional quantities of rock deposits for stabilisation of the dynamic sections of the inter-array cables.

The Development must be constructed in accordance with that specified in the Application, supporting documentation and by the conditions imposed by the Licensing Authority.

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Renewables - Wind
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Hywind (Scotland) Limited
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One Kingdom Street
W2 6BD
United Kingdom
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Hywind (Scotland) Limited
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