Please note in relation to Covid - 19 update: Marine Scotland - Licensing Operations Team is working from home where possible. Our phone lines are therefore not currently being manned. Please communicate with LOT via email. Email addresses are for marine renewables correspondence or for all licensing queries.

Pre-application Consultation Notices during COVID-19

Under the Marine Licensing (Pre-application Consultation) (Scotland) Regulations 2013 (“the 2013 PAC Regulations”), there are provisions for a pre-application consultation event to be held at suitably accessible venue.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the current physical distancing guidance in place, the regulations have been amended by The Marine Works and Marine Licensing (Miscellaneous Temporary Modifications) (Coronavirus) (Scotland) Regulations 2020, which came into force on the 20 May 2020. Under these amending regulations, where a pre-application consultation event must be held, this is now to be held online, with the public notice reflecting this. The form for the pre-application consultation report has been updated and is included in the schedule of the amending regulations.

Where public notices for pre-application consultation events are required to be placed in a local newspaper, the notices will be published here to ensure continued public awareness of applications at this time.

These amendments are temporary in nature and end on the date when Part 1 of the Coronavirus (Scotland) Act 2020 expires in accordance with section 12 of that Act.

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