NMPi Catalogue

Layer Title Data Owner Downloadsort descending copyright
Nature Conservation Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) contributing to the MPA network (SNH WMS) (OSCP) Yes
Kelp and seaweed communities on sublittoral sediment Yes
VMS - Average intensity (hours) - Dredges (DRB MOL) - 2010-2020 (ICES SR.2021.11) Yes
2010 annual effort related Basking shark sightings per kilometre (Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust Effort Related Sightings data 2003 to 2011) Yes
Aquaculture - Lease agreements - Crown Estate Scotland Yes
PMF Consultation - Illustrative management zones 2018 Yes
Asian shore crab (Hemigrapsus sanguineus) (NBN Atlas) Yes
Sprat - Modelled probability of year 0 group (restricted zoom) Yes
UKCP09 projections - Change (m) in significant wave height by 2085, compared to 1975, medium emissions scenario – summer Yes
Lesser Sandeel (Ammodytes marinus) - Celtic Seas - Predicted density of buried sandeels (number per m^2) Yes
Horse mackerel distribution in Scotland's seas Yes
November - Monthly distribution and relative abundance of Risso's dolphin (1979 -1997) Yes
Norway Pout - nursery grounds (Coull et al 1998) Yes
Sound of Gigha - Great northern diver - Maximum curvature and distribution (NatureScot WMS) Yes
Landings (tonnes) of lobster (Homarus gammarus) 2013-2017 Yes


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