NMPi Catalogue

Layer Title Data Owner Downloadsort descending copyright
Continuous Plankton Recorder (CPR) - Sea surface temperature (NOAA) - 1958 to 2015 No
PFOW MSP Map 24 Defence Firing Danger and Navy Exercise Areas No
Map 52 - Shipping routes - research vessels No
Marine Scotland Seabed photo locations No
Map 37 - Marine and coastal tourism - visitor attractions and facilities (Part 3/3) No
Map 29 - Subtidal sediment distribution and supported habitats and species (Part 2/4) No
Carbon budget and blue carbon stores - Predicted kelp habitat (P>20% cover) - SNH Commissioned Report 761 - August 2014 No
Salmon and Sea Trout - Salmon Fishery Districts No
Clyde Regional Assessment Map 3 - Seagrass polygons No
Deep Sea Sharks - Black dogfish (Centroscyllium fabricii) - distribution of abundance across the survey area No
Map 41 - Submerged archaeology (Part 1/2) No
Metals - Mercury (Hg) in Biota from 2013 (time-aware) No
PFOW MSP Map 19 Recreational Shipping Density No
PFOW MSP Map 11 Submerged Archaeology No
Map 44 - Oil and Gas infrastructure (Part 3/3) No


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