NMPi Catalogue

Layer Title Data Owner Downloadsort descending copyright
Normalised annual anomalies of sea bottom salinity up to 2016 (relative to 2000–2010 base period), from selected sites in the SCObs dataset, by SMR Yes
October - Monthly distribution and relative abundance of White-beaked dolphin (1979 -1997) Yes
Mean Spring Tidal Range (m) Yes
Carbon Capture and Storage - NSTA Licences (NSTA WMS) Yes
Marine Recreation and Tourism Survey 2015 - Wildfowling (restricted zoom) Yes
Distribution of impulsive noise events, Total Pulse Block Days (PBD) for 2015-2017 (time-aware) Yes
Coral gardens (VME) Yes
Inshore Fishing - ScotMap (2013) - Relative Value (£) Yes
Annual distribution and relative abundance of Long-finned pilot whale (1979 - 1997) Yes
August counts of grey seals between 1996 and 1997 at 10 km resolution Yes
UKCP09 projections - Extreme water level (cm) - 2095 projection - 50-year return extreme water level above the highest astronomical tide (due to storm surge + worst case relative sea level rise Yes
Fishing effort (days) - passive gear by rectangle - 2018-2022 Yes
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) Reserves Yes
FAME and STAR seabird tracking - Razorbill (Alca torda) (at-sea distributions, Scotland only) Yes
SRTMN - Nationally scaled tree planting prioritisation score where trees are planted on only the most southerly bank Yes


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