NMPi Catalogue

Layer Title Data Owner Download copyrightsort descending
North Orkney - Long-tailed duck - Maximum curvature and distribution (NatureScot WMS) Yes
Burrowed mud Yes
Observed adjusted densities of Basking shark all seasons 2000 to 2012 Yes
Aquaculture - Active shellfish sites (16.05.2024) Yes
Areas where fishing with vessels over a certain LENGTH is restricted Yes
Marine Recreation and Tourism Survey 2015 - Personal watercraft (jet skis) at sea (restricted zoom) Yes
Possible Marine Conservation Orders (MCOs) and fisheries management measures for consultation (MPAs and SACs) - November 2019 Yes
Norway Pout - Modelled probability of year 0 group (restricted zoom) Yes
Listed Buildings by Category (HES WMS) (OSCP) Yes
Scallops - Marine Directorate surveys - catch per hour 2013-2018 (time-aware) No
Large shallow inlets and bays Yes
May - Monthly distribution and relative abundance of Minke whale (1979 -1997) Yes
Rum - Red-throated diver - Maximum curvature and predicted distribution (NatureScot WMS) Yes
Ordnance Survey Greyscale Raster Maps (PSGA) Yes
Regional Inshore Fisheries Groups Areas (RIFGs) Yes


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