NMPi Catalogue

Layer Title Data Owner Downloadsort ascending copyright
Biological Effects - Comet Assay from 2016 (time-aware) No
Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (flame retardants) (PBDEs) - BDE99 in Sediment from 2013 (time-aware) No
Map 8 - Locally Protected Areas - Local Nature Conservation sites, SSMO closed areas, and aquaculture restricted areas No
PFOW MSP Map 12 Integrating Coastal and Marine Development No
Deep Sea Sharks - Pale catshark (Apristurus aphyodes) - distribution of abundance across the survey area No
Map 14 - Distribution of wintering bird colonies - Long-tailed duck No
Map 49 - Shipping routes - tankers No
PFOW MSP Map 13 ScotMap Monetary Value No
Eutrophication - Dissolved inorganic nitrogen (salinity normalised) 2012-2019 No
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) - Naphthalene (NAP) in Biota from 2013 (time-aware) No
Map 13 - Distribution of breeding bird colonies - Gulls No


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