NMPi Catalogue

Layer Title Data Owner Download copyrightsort ascending
European spiny lobster (crawfish) Yes
Norway Lobster (Nephrops norvegicus) - Underwater TV-assessed burrow density (average of burrows) 2007-2016 (time-aware) Yes
Ramsar sites - all sites including terrestrial (SNH WMS) (OSCP) Yes
Areas of predicted high density of harbour porpoise (visual) (2003 - 2010) Yes
Areas where fishing BY HAND is restricted Yes
Deep Sea Sharks - Longnose velvet dogfish (Centroselachus crepidater) - distribution of abundance across the survey area No
Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) - CB153 in Sediment from 2013 (time-aware) No
2009 annual effort related Basking shark sightings per kilometre (Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust Effort Related Sightings data 2003 to 2011) Yes
Lemon Sole - nursery grounds (Coull et al 1998) Yes
Areas where fishing of RAZOR CLAMS (Ensis spp.) is authorised for scientific purposes Yes
West Coast of the Outer Hebrides - Red-throated diver - Maximum curvature and predicted distribution (NatureScot WMS) Yes
PFOW MSP Map 6 Landscape Designations No
Annual Mean Near-bed Temperature (°C) - Climatology of the North-West European Continental Shelf for 1971–2000 Yes
Sea trout distribution in Scotland's seas Yes
Oil and Gas - Undeveloped Discoveries (NSTA WMS) Yes


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